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California Property Tax Calculator?

When it comes to calculating property taxes most homeowners are in the dark
Are you looking for a California Property Tax Calculator? Unfortunately there is no reliable state property tax calculator available online or elsewhere since tax rates vary from state to state and county to county within each state. Your individual California county will even have […]

Notice of Assessed Value – Advice from Experience

OK, so you received a document from the county stating “NOTICE of ASSESSED VALUE”  What does the Notice of Assessed Value document mean? What are you going to do with it? And maybe you’re wondering how the county came up with the assessed value. And perhaps you question how they increased your assessed value […]

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How Can I Not Pay Property Taxes?

Also known as, “How can I get out of paying my property taxes?”
Well, the easy answer is become a renter and not a property owner. If that’s not an option then make sure the value assigned to your property by the county is fair and correct. And read on…

If you are a property owner […]

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Los Angeles County Property Tax

Click here to get the current Southern California Assessment Appeals Filing Deadlines
Los Angeles County is the most populous of California’s 58 counties, with a commensurate number of real estate properties, therefore a substantial property tax base.

The general 1% rate applies to Los Angeles County Property Tax.

Los Angeles County Property Tax lien date […]

Should I file an Assessment Appeal under California Proposition 8 (Prop 8)?

The County Assessor is responsible for assessing all real and personal property under California’s Proposition 8.
Your property was assessed at the time you acquired it—base year value—and possibly reassessed if you made improvements like adding a room or a pool, or if the title to your property changed in some way (adjusted base values). […]

What is a Property Tax Attorney?

Q: What is a Property Tax Attorney?
A: A property tax attorney is a lawyer specifically focused in laws that pertain to property tax and tax assessment.
Property tax law handles issues surrounding property and real estate taxes at the state and local level, including ad valorem taxation. Real Estate Law covers real estate Assessment, real […]

Property Taxes By Zip Code

Property Taxes by Zip Code?
Well not exactly. Property tax is determined by your state and county. Currently there aren’t any simple plug and play online tools to find out what your property taxes are. But you have a few options.

In California, your property taxes are determined by a combination of factors:

The Proposition 13 rate of […]

Real Estate Appraisal and Property Taxes, What’s the Relation?

Real estate appraisal California Property Tax Relationship
What is the relationship of real estate appraisal to California property taxes?
First of all lets start of by defining real estate appraisal.

Real estate appraisal is the method by which we value real property. Some other terms used are property or land valuation.

Real estate appraisal seeks to determine a property’s […]

Find California Property Tax Records

Find California Property Tax Records
Property tax records in California are held and managed by the county assessor in each county.
How do you Find California Property Tax Records? Keep in mind that even vacant California land can be categorized as real property. Improvements made to owned land are also considered real property. However, mobile property—such […]

Understanding California’s Property Taxes

The following is based on the executive summary of the office of the Legislative Analyst’s Office, a non-partisan organization dedicated to policy advisory.
Understanding California’s Property Taxes
A California property tax bill can be difficult to understand as charges on the bill come from a variety of sources. This is a summary of  California property tax […]